Wars that the Democrats have started or gotten America involved in.

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Harry Truman (Democrat) dawn of the muslim brotherhood

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If you listen to the Democrats talk, you would think that they were Saints. Well I’m going to name some Wars that the Democrats have started or gotten America involved in.

1. Democrat got America in the Vietnam War.
A. Democrat President John Kennedy sent money and advisors to South Vietnam.
B. Democrat president Lyndon Johnson sent American troops into Vietnam.
C. 2 Million people died in the Vietnam war.
4. 58,000 Americans died in Vietnam, and another 350,000 were injured.

democrat wars  Democrat got America in the Vietnam War.

Democrats got America involved in the Korean war.
A. It was Democrat president Harry Truman that sent Americans to fight in the Korean war.
B. 33,000 Americans were killed in that war.

3. Democrats used nuclear weapons on Japan.
A. It was Democrat president Harry Truman that dropped 2 nuclear bombs on Japan killing innocent women and…

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Remember The Health Security Act (Hillary Care)

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hillary bill obama cartoonNov. 12, 1993 as the Health Security Act (Hillary Care)was in its death throes, Bill Clinton was so concerned about AIDS that , he suggested that a provision be added to the bill mandating a one-time screening for AIDS be done on all US citizens.

Clinton also proposed having the CDC require every citizen with full-blown AIDS to be confined to AIDS sanatoriums until they were no longer contagious, or until they died.

The sanatoriums were to be situated in sparsely-populated areas of the country. Upon admission, patients would be required to sign living wills with euthanasia previsions that could be triggered by proxy when their healthcare providers deemed them to be “terminal.”

The AIDS provision Clinton wanted to add to Hillarycare does not appear to be in Obamacare. However, the same federal Health Board that will be charged with the responsibility of doing the cost analysis on…

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