Democrats’ objective is to trick voters into voting for Rubio

rubio gang og 8

The Democrats’ objective is to trick voters into voting for Rubio and not the Republican’s Ted Cruz or Donald Trump.. Democrats want to divide the conservative votes. This only benefits the leftist Democrat candidate,Hillary Clinton.

Liberals know voters are angry with all the government spending and the attacks on and our liberties under the Obama administration.They pretend to attack Rubio while he list’s items that voters want to hear, i.e.,Rubio. defend the Constitution, protect our liberties, cut government spending, etc. There is little record of Rubio supporting many of these issues. Except, using words as opposed to action:

But there is proof that Rubio is the Democrats choice in case Their Candidate looses in 2016 election.

These tricks from the Democrats only prove that they know that voters are rejecting their leftist agenda and their candidate Clinton. Marxists only care about power and they will do A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G to keep it.

rubio sihns again.png

unveiling details of an immigration reform bill in 2013 I believe Graham(second from left) cant hold in Laughing  at Rubio, not with him.

Kid Rubio is a disaster for Conservatives and the Country.


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