Washington Times: Rio+20’s expensive wish list $1,325 per American family for U.N. bureaucrats –

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President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton had previously committed the United States to provide $105 billion annually,

– meaning each American family of four would pay $1,325 a year.

That may seem like chump change compared to Obamacare or the Obama stimulus. But over a decade, U.S. citizens would be required to contribute well over $1 trillion to U.N. sustainability schemes.

To oversee this unprecedented wealth transfer to U.N. bureaucrats and NGO activists, architects of “The FutureWeWant” would establish “an intergovernmental process” to assess financial needs; consider the effectiveness, consistency and synergies of existing instruments and frameworks; evaluate additional initiatives; and prepare reports on financing strategies.

Implementation of this grand scheme would be handled by an intergovernmental committee of 30 “experts” who would be accountable to no one, except perhaps the U.N. secretary-general. –


Rio+20 Pre-conference final draft – The Future We Want The affirmations, resolutions and guidelines are fascinating, but the funding mechanism is even more eye-opening. Results of the U.N. conference in Rio de Janeiro, which concluded Friday,

calls for annual “donations” from the European Union and Annex II (Kyoto Protocol) countries amounting

to 0.7 percent of their gross national product (GNP). With the combined GNP of contributing nations totaling about $45 trillion in 2010, the transfers would add up to $315 billion per year, or $3.2 trillion per decade. – See more at:


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