Did Merkel really think that people from lands that prize mendacity, dishonesty and Sharia Law would follow her German sense of Ordnung?

woman-screeming school holiday “We’re going to be the majority soon.”

Paul AlexanderRemember those words…”We are going to be the majority soon” That is their mindset and this is their threat!


by Michael Walsh (PJ Tatler)

The media wants you to believe that there’s a “refugee crisis going on in central Europe, and constantly invokes the memory of the displaced persons at the end of World War II to make an appealing comparison. But the truth is far different: this is an invasion of Europe by non-Europeans, swarming over the productive nations of the First World:

Only one in every five migrants claiming asylum in Europe is from Syria. The EU logged 213,000 arrivals in April, May and June but only 44,000 of them were fleeing the Syrian civil war. Campaigners and left-wing MPs have suggested the vast majority of migrants are from the war-torn state, accusing the Government of doing too little to help them.

‘This exposes the lie peddled in some quarters that vast numbers of those reaching Europe are from Syria,’ said David Davies, Tory MP for Monmouth. ‘Most people who are escaping the war will go to camps in Lebanon or Jordan. ’Many of those who have opted to risk their lives to come to Europe have done so for economic reasons.’

But economic reasons are not good enough to justify what in effect is an Islamic attempt to seize territory called the dar-al-Kufr, or lands of the unbelievers.

Half a million migrants have arrived in Europe so far this year, with 156,000 coming in August alone. Rather than claiming asylum in the first safe EU country they reach, most head on toward wealthy northern states. The human cost of the crisis has been paid by the estimated 3,000 migrants who have drowned after putting their lives in the hands of people smugglers for the perilous crossing of the Mediterranean… More than 250,000 migrants have reached Greece and Italy, where the authorities are close to breaking point… German Chancellor Angela Merkel fuelled the chaos last month by declaring that any Syrian who reached the country could claim asylum.


Classic stupidity — did Merkel really think that people from lands that prize mendacity and dishonesty would follow her German sense of Ordnung? Further, the notion that these people are somehow going to find skilled employment in First World countries and then happily support an aging population is a complete fantasy; many, if not most, are not looking for work, but to take advantage of the very welfare state soft-headed European leaders are hoping they’ll prop up.

This won’t end well.


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comments from http://pjmedia.com/ readers

500K for all of Europe? what’s the fuss about? We let 1.4M cross the border every year with nary a whimper. How does it feel, Europe? You patronizing bunch of hypocrites

Just wait. As soon as these “refugees” start getting their welfare checks they will start sending for their families. Once the beach head is established the real invasion will begin. this is al hijrah in action. http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2009/08/the_hijra.html

The west has been disemboweled by moral decay and PC. it has lost the vigorous self-affirmation necessary to defend itself against an aggressive enemy from the desert, where deceit, fighting, conquest and plunder have always been an intrinsic part of life.

massacar insult islamThis is only the beginning. Once there is a significant Muslim presence in a western country (as little as 5% of the population), they will begin a relentless attack on the local culture, all the while continuing to out-breed the resident westerners. No, it won’t end well

You can’t win a war by shooting all your soldiers in the foot, disarming them mentally, and inviting enemy soldiers to live behind the lines…

sis not join to fight for alqueda 2


pictures added by JJ they bring the point home ?


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