The Power of the Gray Dollar-Florida’s Democrat Leaders Could Care Less.

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Florida has a large and growing adult population. The State as a whole has a population approaching 19 million, and people over 60 make up nearly 23 percent of that population.

In addition to contributing their knowledge and experience to Florida’s local communities, seniors comprise our state’s second largest economic sector.

The Power of the Gray Dollar!

In addition to contributing their knowledge and experience to Florida’s local communities, seniors comprise our state’s second largest economic sector.

The “spending power” of Florida’s elders is $135 billion annually, almost $15 billion more than residents aged 49 and under.

Statewide, seniors account for 50 percent of all new home construction.

Each year, Florida’s seniors contribute $3.5 billion to charities, and pay $1 billion in local school taxes.

Each year, seniors expend $9 billion in out-of-pocket expenses for medical care, and pay $1.4 billion more in state taxes than they receive in social services.

After all services are rendered, Florida’s senior community contributes a $2.8 billion net tax benefit.

Florida seniors are the state’s largest voting block, and in our recent general elections, they have comprised more than 40 percent of all voters.  Many seniors are volunteers, donating their time and talent.


A vote for Charlie Christ will kill the golden Goose we, have kept Liberal paws off of for years.  Obama Sees lots of  Dollars he can confiscate for his Big Brother Government. We seniors are already finding our retirement dollars buying less. Under Christ and Barak Obama Florida will never be our Golden years paradise again.

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Florida’s seniors add much to our state. Their social and economic contributions make Florida a better place to live for all of the state’s residents.

So Why are Democratic Politicians pushing Obamacare ? and Obama Pal Charlie Christ.They know the so called Death Panels are real yet, Wasserman Schultz is visiting Elderly groups telling them its not so and that  Obamacare is good for them??

Dr. Janda was the keynote speaker at a congressional dinner at the Capitol Building in Washington, He said “The rationing of care is implemented through the National Health Care Board according to this plan. This illustrious board ‘will approve or reject treatment based on the cost per treatment divided by the number of years the patient will benefit from the treatment

.. Euthanasia will be reserved for the elderly. The elderly are being singled out for extermination because the Social Security system is bankrupt. While the bureaucrats blame the bankruptcy of Social Security on the fact that people now live too long, the reality is that Social Security is bankrupt specifically because, for the last 77 years, elected politicians stole the Social Security Trust Fund (which was supposed to have been invested, by law, in high yield government bonds) and used your money to create the welfare society. That money is now long gone. In its place are IOUs the government cannot redeem. Today’s elderly are now expected to pay for that theft with their lives because there are too many people seeking repayment of the funds they deposited, in good faith.

A real let them eat cake momentshocked

Pelosi and Leftist Leaders have a “Let Them Eat Cake Moment” after passing Obamacare by one vote.

Cut out of this picture are, the thousands of Middle Class Protesters against obamacare.  The American People are forgotten by the people they voted into office to represent them.




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